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Sleeping Well is within your reach! ….with help from this Sleep Expert.

Dr. Shane has helped thousands of people resolve their sleep problems, from mild and occasional to severe insomnia and disorders. His passion is sleep, not just the research behind sleep but helping YOU get to sleep and stay asleep. Dr. Shane understands your pain because he suffered from insomnia himself.

Insomnia stems from many sources and it affects every part of your life. When you sleep better, your life, relationships and productivity will absolutely improve.

Dr. Shane is available for personal telephone counseling for sleep and other complex issues. Phone consultations are as effective as in-person therapy, but are more convenient for you.

After two sessions, Allen W. of Denver, CO said: “I’m so rested I can’t believe it."

Who Dr. Shane Helps: The 1-in-3 people who have trouble sleeping, including tough cases like:

... and YOU!

Free Consultation

Dr. Shane offers a free 10-minute consultation.

You’ll receive free sleep recordings for at home use.

To schedule your free consultation, email richard@drshane.com or call 303-449-0778.

A personal note from Dr. Shane

Like you, I have suffered with sleeping difficulty. I spent years finding simple solutions to insomnia and unwanted waking during the night.

I’m confident I can help you sleep better, deeper and quickly.

So, if you are looking to sleep well when your head hits the pillow and stay asleep all night…please contact me today.

Wishing you deep sleep and well-being,

Dr. Richard Shane, Ph.D.

Richard Shane, Ph.D.

Richard Shane, PhD, creator of the Sleep Easily Method, is a licensed psychotherapist and sleep therapist. He serves nationally as a behavioral sleep consultant and works with several large-scale medical groups serving over 300,000 patients. Years of clinical practice led him to develop a sleep therapy method he calls the Sleep Easily Method, the basis of his sleep practice today. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy, plus other advanced methods Dr. Shane has developed, this method walks you through five physical triggers to gently lead you into sleep. Patients receive a free copy of these recordings for home use.