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You Can Sleep Well!.

You know when you don’t sleep well, you don’t think as clearly, you’re not as sharp or productive at work, you may not feel as good physically, you may feel more stressed, anxious, depressed or irritable, and any of this interferes with your relationships with others..

Maybe you’ve tried different things to solve your sleep difficulties, but nothing has helped. Maybe you despair you will never be able to sleep well and that will continue to damage your life.

I Can Help You Sleep Well

Quickly and Easily!

My Sleep Easy treatment program can help you fall asleep or back to sleep  quickly and easily and sleep more deeply—even in the midst of stress.

Most people sleep better their first night and treatment is usually complete in three sessions.

This method provides a way to turn on the neurological switches that induce sleep. It is easy and enjoyable.

With each session, you receive a recording that guides you into deeper levels of sleep. The method feels so natural, you soon also easily use it without the recording.

If you currently use sleep medication and want to sleep well without it, the Sleep Easy program gives you a way to comfortably reduce and eliminate the need for sleep medication—without withdrawal.

When you sleep well, you will feel better, be happier, and be more effective in both your professional and personal life. Good sleep improves almost every area of life.

This program provides you with the tools to quiet your mind and reduce stress, anxiety and trauma. You experience a feeling of comforting connection between your mind and body that leads to a deep sense of well-being.

I have also developed simple and effective awareness tools for helping heal anxiety on an even deeper level than in the initial three sessions. Also simple and effective awareness tools for helping heal trauma, anger toward yourself, anger toward others, depression, grief, guilt, shame, obsessive-compulsive disorder, over control, panic attacks, night terrors, numbness, physical pain and headaches.

I have also developed easy-to-use tools for even deeper levels of life healing, building self-esteem and self-confidence and to increase happiness. None of this requires ongoing talk psychotherapy.

For your convenience, sessions are conducted via telephone. This is as effective as in-person treatment, and is more convenient for you, allowing you to be in the comfort of your own home or other location, without having to travel.

“I love your program. From the first night, I was sleeping more easily. The techniques are so elegantly simple.”

- Charles Steinberg, MD

About Dr. Shane

Years ago, as the result of a life crisis, I developed severe insomnia. It was devastating. I didn’t want to become dependent upon sleep medication, and other sleep methods weren’t effective. I spent years inwardly exploring my own insomnia. From this, combined with years of professional training in mind-body medicine, I was able to unlock the code for sleep. From these discoveries, I created the Sleep Easy method.

I serve nationally as a behavioral sleep consultant and I work with several large medical groups in Colorado serving over 300,000 patients.

Because I had serious insomnia, I know the pain you feel. Resolving my own insomnia led me to create a simple and effective method so you can sleep well too.

I’m confident I can help you sleep better, deeper and quickly

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Wishing you deep sleep and well-being,

Richard Shane, Ph.D.

Who Dr. Shane Helps: The 1-in-3 people who have trouble sleeping, including tough cases like:

... and YOU!