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Some Eye-Opening Facts About Sleep

National Sleep Foundation polls reveal 35% of American Adults (95 million people) experience one or more symptoms of insomnia nearly every single night!

The Congressionally-funded National Commission on Sleep Disorders has termed insomnia “America’s Hidden Epidemic.”

Poor sleep has a damaging effect on almost every area of life. Good sleep has a positive effect on almost every area of life.

My Credentials

I am the Behavioral Sleep Consultant to the Sleep Center at one of Denver's largest hospitals, and to New West Physicians, the largest physician-owned primary care group practice in Colorado, with 85 physicians in 16 locations, serving 250,000 patients.

I have treated more than 2,000 clients referred by more than 130 physicians and other health professionals.

How I Came To Specialize in Working With Sleep Difficulties

In 1991, as a result of a life crisis, I developed severe insomnia.

At first I read many books on improving sleep and adhered to their various suggestions, improving my sleep habits and practicing relaxation techniques. However, nothing delivered the relief I needed. The harder I tried to overcome my insomnia, the worse it became.

Determined to resolve my sleep difficulties, I embarked on a fundamentally different approach to researching and understanding the nature of sleep. I knew that I would probably fall asleep or back to sleep, even if it took most of the night, so I cultivated the ability to inwardly observe the subtle changes occurring in my body and mind as sleep eventually came. I did this almost on an internally microscopic level. I did this for years.

From this half-asleep state in the middle of the night, I made unique discoveries about sleep that usually are inaccessible to the waking mind. I discovered the subtle yet definite body sensations, and the way of breathing (very different from regular relaxation breathing), that naturally occur as you fall asleep or back to sleep. These are the neurological switches that create the actual body feeling of sleep.

From this, I created the Sleep Easily method.

The Sleep Easily Method

With this, you don't have to initially calm your mind and emotions (which involves effort that would keep you awake). In the midst of whatever is going on, Sleep Easily gives you a simple way to feel the body sensations of sleep, and your Sleep Breath. Your mind and emotions rest in that body feeling of inner comfort and safety, and effortlessly become calm.

These elements effortlessly blend together to help you fall asleep or back to sleep more quickly and easily, and to sleep more deeply (there is an explainable way to sleep more deeply).

I shifted my psychotherapy practice and began only working with people who had difficulty sleeping. From my 18 years of working with insomniacs, I discovered the body sensations of sleep, and the Sleep Breath feeling, are the same in everyone, so these sensations are already inside you. With this, you experience Sleep Easily as a feeling of familiar recognition, rather than just a method.

Sleep Easily doesn't rely upon hypnosis or visualization, is very different from just relaxation, and goes far beyond just changing your lifestyle and behaviors.

Sleep Easily is very different from all other sleep methods.
Most people report Sleep Easily feels like the way sleep actually happens.

Most people sleep better their first night or within the first few nights.

Sleep Easily give you a simple way to sleep well without medication.

The Sleep Easily method has received widespread recognition in the medical field. I have conducted sleep seminars in medical settings and at major corporations that recognize that good sleep improves employee performance.

This program is also about something much larger than just sleep. You benefit from an easy way to have your mind and body comfortably connected—for sleep and during the day. This creates a feeling of fundamental well-being that has a positive effect on just about every area of life.

The Goal: To help Millions of People Sleep Well

While working with clients has been extremely satisfying, I realized there needed to be a way to make the Sleep Easily method available to the 95 million American adults, and millions of people worldwide, who have difficulty sleeping.

In 1999, I created the first version of the Sleep Easily learn-at-home program, consisting of audio recordings and printed material. People purchased this via our website.

For the last 14 years, once each year, I took the feedback I received from these people, plus the feedback I had received from my clients, plus my own ongoing discoveries, and I incorporated these improvements in creating the next version of Sleep Easily.

The method has continued to become more effective, while at the same time continuing to become simpler.

In June through August, 2012, an independent study was conducted with the Sleep Easily learn-at-home program being tested by people in high stress situations: Commercial airline pilots, police and fire personnel, veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the general public. (Report available upon request.) 81.6% reported improved sleep, most within the first night or first few nights!

Since that study, I have produced two next versions of Sleep Easily that are even more effective and quicker-acting than the one that was so successful in the study.

Through a unique structure and process, each person experiences this method in a way that is customized just for them! How that happens will become clear and easy when you use Sleep Easily.

Because of the many details and advances put into the Sleep Easily learn-at-home program, it has been proven to be as effective as for clients working with me in my office.

I finally knew the Sleep Easily learn-at-home program was ready to make available to the public worldwide.

The project of bringing the Sleep Easily learn-at-home program to the world is involving more-than-full-time on my part (and on the part of the amazing team that is helping this come true). Therefore, for right now, I am not working with individual clients. However, you will find the learn-at-home program highly effective—and convenient, since you learn this in the comfort of your own home, at a time most convenient for you!

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To fulfill my professional desire to help you in the most comprehensive way, in the unlikely event you do not find Sleep Easily as helpful as you wish, the cover letter that comes with the program gives you a way to find therapists in Colorado who utilize traditional Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia.

Wishing you deep sleep and well-being,


Richard Shane, Ph.D.